Welcome to the Launch of The Harbour Club Pre-Course

Learn How To Buy And Sell Businesses For A Living

Welcome to the new Harbour Club Pre-course! This training is designed to give you the starting materials you'll need before attending The Harbour Club event.


Virtual Access

Now you can access the "pre-course" training modules instantly upon registration to learn all the starting materials you'll need to buy and sell companies for a living. 


30+ New Videos

Your online membership includes new video training that has never been released publicly including a series of deep dive case studies from Harbour Club delegates.


Special Bonuses

Want to learn how to buy a stake in a bank or how to model cash-flow projections? You will get instant access to special bonus training exclusively part of this pre-course launch. 


The Harbour Club Pre-course

Get a head start with instant access to 20+ training videos on the fundamental concepts you will need to learn before attending the 3-day Harbour Club course. 


Deep Dive Case Studies

Access over 15+ never before released deep dive case studies from Harbour Club delegates such as Carl Allen on 'The Art & Science of the LBO Model.'


Bonus Training Videos

Learn how to buy a stake in a bank, model cashflow projections, conduct accelerated due diligence and how to have successful calls and meetings in new bonus training content released as part of this pre-course. 


Get Instant Access to the New Pre-course

Register for The Harbour Club and get instant access to over 30+ new training videos to help you get a head start before attending the 3-day Harbour Club event.


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